10 Best Exhaust Fan For Kitchen Window (2023)

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If you are looking for the best exhaust fan for kitchen window and bathroom, you are at the right place. We have the solution you are looking for in this article.

According to a study by Sobieski Inc., homes that are not appropriately ventilated cause several health concerns like asthma, allergies, and more. Bad indoor air quality is the major root cause of these health issues.

Exhaust fans are the best option for the solution over it to improve ventilation, and maintain ideal room temperature, and air quality. 

There are many options in the market, it varies in size, blades, motor, and on brands. We also have a detailed buying guide on the best exhaust fan for the kitchen.

To help you to find out the perfect exhaust fan, we have the top 10 exhaust fans in India for kitchens and bathrooms. 

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After researching 22 different exhaust fans and testing 10 of these, we found that the Havells Ventil Air DX 200mm Exhaust fan is the best exhaust fan in India.

Our Top Picks

Best OverallHavells Ventil Air DX 200mm Exhaust Fan

Best Budget V-Guard Clado 6 Exhaust Fan

Best LightweightLuminous Vento Deluxe 200 mm Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan vs Kitchen Chimney: What Is the Difference?

You may think a kitchen chimney is also an option for ventilating the inside air. But both are some benefits and drawbacks in a kitchen. What are they? 

A kitchen chimney is only used in kitchen space and it has high suction power than an exhaust fan. It requires proper ducting work in the kitchen to direct the flow of sucked air outdoors. And it is more expensive than an exhaust fan. 

An Exhaust fan requires less space and does not require any ductwork. It is also a cheaper option than a kitchen chimney. It is installed on top of the kitchen wall or on the kitchen window. It is lightweight and easy to install. 

To help you to choose from a kitchen chimney vs an exhaust fan, this article has a detailed guide on which option to choose in your kitchen.

The 10 Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen – Summary

Here is an extensive list of the best exhaust fans in India to find your ideal exhaust fan as per your requirements and budget. In the end, we have also covered some FAQs about the same.

  • Havells Ventil Air DX 200mm Exhaust Fan
  • Luminous Vento Deluxe 200 mm Exhaust Fan
  • Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan
  • Havells Ventil Air DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan
  • Anchor by Panasonic Smart Air 250mm Exhaust Fan
  • Crompton Brisk Air 150 mm (6 inches) Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office
  • V-Guard Clado 6 Exhaust Fan
  • USHA Aeroclean Exhaust Fan
  • Bajaj Bahar Fresh Exhaust Fan
  • Orient Electric Hill Air 225mm Electric Exhaust Fan

How To Choose The Right Exhaust Fan For Your Kitchen and Bathroom?

While choosing the best exhaust fan in India, you need to consider a number of factors. The following is a list of some of these factors.

  • Room Size: An exhaust fan’s air flow delivery, which determines how efficiently the fan is able to exhaust polluted air outdoors, is measured in CFM ( Cubic Feet Per Minute). In general, 1 CFM is equivalent to 1 square foot of floor space. You should choose a fan with at least 100 CFM if your kitchen is 10 feet by 10 feet. This will determine the appropriate fan size and ventilation rate needed.
  • Location: Previously, we discussed that airflow delivery is dependent on the amount of floor space in the kitchen or bathroom. Thus, it is necessary to know where to install an exhaust fan before doing so. Kitchen exhaust fans typically need to be more powerful than bathroom exhaust fans due to the presence of cooking odors and moisture.
  • Noise: Noise levels are typically measured in decibels (dB) and should be taken into account when selecting an exhaust fan. Fewer decibels mean a quieter fan.
  • Fan Blades: Exhaust fans in India generally have between 2 to 6 blades. The number of blades in an exhaust fan can vary depending on the model and brand. Typically, exhaust fans with more blades will have a higher CFM rating and will be more efficient at moving air. 
  • Speed of Fan: The speed of the exhaust fan is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute) or CFM (cubic feet per minute). The higher the RPM or CFM, the faster the fan will run. The typical speed range of exhaust fans in India is between 600 to 1300 RPM. 
  • Body Material: The material and durability of the fan should be considered. Stainless steel and plastic are common materials used for exhaust fans in India and both have their own benefits and drawbacks.
  • Power Consumption: The power consumption of exhaust fans can range between 30 to 50  watts. It’s important to consider energy efficiency when choosing an exhaust fan, as higher-powered fans may consume more energy and lead to higher electricity bills. 
  • Brand: Some popular and reputable brands of exhaust fans in India include Luminous, Havells, Crompton, Bajaj, Usha, and Orient. It is recommended to research and compare different brands and models before making a final decision.

Types of Exhaust Fans

  1. Ceiling Exhaust Fans: These are installed on the ceiling and are typically used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where air needs to be removed.
  2. Wall-mounted Exhaust Fans: These are mounted on the wall and can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where air needs to be removed.
  3. Window-mounted Exhaust Fans: These are mounted on a window and can be used to ventilate rooms and remove stale air.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Exhaust Fans in India

Improved air quality by removing pollutantsNoise can be an issue.
Reduced risk of mold and mildew growth by removing excess moisture.Chances of a fire hazard if not installed or maintained correctly.
Increased comfort by reducing heat and humidity.Not much energy efficient, leading to higher energy bills.
Easy to install and maintain
Available in different sizes and designs to match the decor.

Top 10 Exhaust Fan Brands In India

Frequently Asked Questions about Exhaust Fans In India

Conclusion on Best Exhaust Fans In India

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