10 Best Kitchen Chimney In India 2023

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Are you looking for the best kitchen chimney in India? If yes, then you come to the right place.

According to a report from the National Library of Medicine, cooking smoke in the kitchen contains carcinogenic and mutagenic compounds, which increases the risk of respiratory cancer in the future.

So, it is important to find ways to reduce the smoke in our kitchen. Because children and infants are more susceptible to the harmful effects of pollutants in smoke.

However, using a kitchen chimney is an effective and best way to reduce the smoke in your kitchen.

We have tested and compared many kitchen chimneys in the market and shortlisted the 10 best kitchen chimneys in India.

So, Let’s Get Started!

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If you don’t like to read all the articles then you can consider this best chimney according to our experts.

The Elica filterless chimney is one of the best chimneys in India. The auto-clean and filterless technology works very well in this product.

A unique feature of this chimney is that it does not require much cleaning and requires low maintenance. This chimney is definitely worth a look.

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney with 15 Years Warranty (WDFL 606 HAC LTW MS NERO, Touch + Motion Sensor Control, Black)
  • Filter-less technology ensures powerful suction...
  • It comes with motion sensing technology that enables...
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty (15 years) on Motor and 1...
  • Type: Curved Glass, Wall Mounted | Colour: Black

Here is a video review from Life with Rupali’s youtube

List of Best Kitchen Chimneys In India With Latest Price (Updated Sep 2022)

Best Chimney Hood IndiaSuction PowerAmazon Price
Faber 60 cm Hood Polo HC SC FL BK 60 Filterless Chimney1200m3/hr11,490/-
Elica 60 cm WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO Filterless Chimney1200m3/hr12,499/-
Hindware Nadia 60 cm Filterless Auto-Clean Chimney1350m3/hr12,799/-
V-Guard A20 90cm Kitchen Chimney 1400m3/hr14,499/-
Eurodomo 90 cm Hood Classy HC TC BK Auto-Clean Chimney1200m3/hr9,770/-
GLEN 60 cm Filterless Kitchen Chimney1050m3/hr11,290/-
Whirlpool 60 cm CG 601 HAC HOOD Baffle Filter Chimney1100m3/hr10,990/-
Faber 60 cm HOOD CLASS PRO PB BK LTW Baffle Filter Chimney1000m3/hr6,990/-
Kaff ACE BF 60 cm Baffle Filter Chimney1000m3/hr8,690/-
Elica 60 Strip CF 60 NERO, 2 Cassette Filters Chimney880m3/hr5,799/-

For a detailed review of each chimney, see below or skip to a table of contents.

Buying Guide For Kitchen Chimney

How To Select Best Chimney For The Kitchen? Cleaning smoke, fumes, and dirt from the kitchen can be a challenge, especially if you live in India, where oily foods are cooked regularly.

However, you need a good kitchen chimney to get rid of the smoke. But before you buy, you need to know what to look for. Here is a buying guide on kitchen chimneys.

Size: The kitchen chimney has two main sizes 60 cm and 90cm respectively. 60 cm is the most preferable size for Indian kitchens according to the size of the stove.

For 2 – 3 burners stove 60 cm size is said to be good and for 4 – 5 burners stoves, the 90 cm size is suitable.

If you are confused about what size should be best then check out our guide on the perfect chimney size in India.

Type: The kitchen chimney has a wall mounted mostly, and a built-in chimney is preferred when you want to fit a chimney inside the cabinet or wooden furniture above the cooktop.

Island chimneys are said to be the most stylish and modern chimney because it is hung to the ceiling of the kitchen and gives a very modern look to the kitchen.

Filter: The other type of chimney in India will be according to what filter is used in it. The filters are used to trap dirt, grease, and oil present in the smoke.

The types of filters are Baffle, Mesh or cassette, and carbon or charcoal filters. In India, baffle filters are suitable for Indian kitchens.

Suction Power: If you don’t know how to calculate suction power then we have a free calculator to give you an approximate value. According to our experts, higher suction capacity is best for Indian kitchens.

Chimney Height From Stove: The chimney height from the gas stove is very critical if you don’t look at the height. The common suggestion for chimney height from the stove is 24 inches to 30 inches.

Service: A good feature chimney comes with good service is not always necessary. You have to invest in a good brand. Elica, Faber, Glen, Hindware, and Kutchina are a few good ones.

Installation Cost: The common charges for installation in India is approximately 1000 – 1500 rupees. Although, the installation service does not come with a ducting kit is not necessary. So, include the cost of the ducting kit in the final cost.

Extra Features: Check out what new technology the chimney industry has while looking at the best chimney hood in India.

Deep silent, ductless, filterless, and auto-clean chimneys are the new technology. You will have a very good experience in the kitchen with these unique features.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimney In India (Reviews)

Below is the list of the best kitchen chimney in India based on their suction capacity, size, noise level, and customer reviews for your convenience.

1. Faber 60 cm Hood Polo HC SC FL BK 60 Filterless Chimney

2. Elica 60 cm WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO Filterless Chimney

3. Hindware Nadia 60 cm Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

4. V-Guard A20 90cm Kitchen Chimney with Intelligent Auto Clean

5. Eurodomo 90 cm Hood Classy HC TC BK 90 Auto-Clean Chimney

6. GLEN 60 cm Filterless Kitchen Chimney

7. Whirlpool 60 cm CG 601 HAC HOOD Baffle Filter Chimney

8. Faber 60 cm HOOD CLASS PRO PB BK LTW Baffle Filter Chimney

9. Kaff ACE BF 60 cm Baffle Filter Chimney

10. Elica 60 Strip CF 60 NERO, 2 Cassette Filters Chimney

Top 10 Chimney Brands In India

The following are the best chimney brands in India, sorted by price, service, and features. The suction capacity of many chimney brands is claimed to be excellent, but are these claims true?

The type of motor they used is also very important. Accordingly, we tested them and compared them, and selected the best ones,

  1. Faber Auto Clean Chimney
  2. Elica Filterless Chimney
  3. Kaff Island Chimney
  4. Hindware Baffle Filter Chimney
  5. Eurodomo Auto Clean Chimney
  6. Glen Island Chimney
  7. Whirlpool Auto Clean Chimney
  8. Inalsa Pyramid Chimney
  9. Blow Hot Filtered Chimney
  10. Sunflame Chimney

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoy our guide on the best kitchen chimney in India. We try to simplify the process of buying chimneys and also the top 10 best chimneys in the market.

If you have a problem selecting the best chimney then we recommend the Elica 60 cm Filterless chimney is an all-rounder. You can go with this chimney.

But if you have a budget for spending, then the last two kaff and elica pyramid chimneys are the affordable options for you.

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Q.1. Which type of chimney is best for the Indian Kitchen?

Auto-clean chimneys with baffle filters are usually the best choice for Indian kitchens.
In addition to filtered chimneys, ductless and filterless chimneys are also available, but they are more expensive and include maintenance and service every year.
Further, we have compiled separate reviews on the best chimney for Indian kitchens here.

Q.2. Which chimney is best for the island kitchen?

Glen (6052 TS IS) and Kaff (CANARY DHC BF 90 IS) are the best island kitchen chimney right now in India.

Q.3. Is an auto-clean chimney good?

Yes, of course. An auto-clean chimney is a great option for most kitchens. It only takes a push of a button to get Dry Heat Technology to clean dirt and grease trapped in the filter. After using the chimney, you only need to clean the tray.

Q.4. Which motor is used in kitchen chimneys?

Glen introduced the BLDC motor for chimneys recently, which has higher efficiency and power than the single-phase three-speed AC motor used in kitchen chimneys. However, for most chimneys, ac motors are preferable.

Q.5. Can we provide cabinet above kitchen chimney?

Yes, of course. The chimney in the kitchen is different in size and shape, and most kitchen designers leave some space for it. Providing a cabinet above the chimney is possible if you ask the carpenter directly,
However, the chimney will be difficult to install and service. If you’re interested in installing a kitchen chimney, check out our ultimate guide on how to install kitchen chimney at home here.

Q.6.What is an average life of kitchen chimney duct pipe?

Kitchen chimney duct pipes typically last one year. The warranty on duct pipes covers 6 months of leakage-proof performance, but our experts believe that the duct pipes lose their efficiency after every year.

Q.7. Length of power cord kitchen chimney?

Most kitchen chimney power cords are 3 – 6 feet long, and the sockets they use range from 5 amps to 16 amps.

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