Kitchen Chimney Power Consumption (2023): Detailed Guide

How do you know if your chimney power consumption is too high? Read this guide on chimney power consumption to find out more.

The kitchen chimney consumes an average of 120–200 watts of power, like other home appliances.

However, it is the sum of all parts’ power consumption. It depends upon the other installed parts in the chimney.

Typically, auto-clean chimneys consume more power and we don’t need to have auto-clean features continuously. You will be getting less wattage usage if you are not using the auto-clean feature.

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How much power does a chimney consume?

Some people think that the power used for cleaning smoke and fumes comes only from their chimney motor. Chimneys can consume 180 watts.

Although it’s rare, it’s possible to have a system installed on your chimney to reduce power consumption and even earn rebates. Here’s what you need to know about chimney electricity consumption.

Factors affecting chimney power consumption

Chimneys come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide range of power consumption. The shape of your chimney is one factor that affects how much power it consumes.

A straight chimney can draw more power than a curved or angled one. 

It’s also important to consider how many burners stove you plan on using your chimney with—the more, the higher your chimney’s power consumption will be.

Finally, if you want to operate auto clean, it will also increase your chimney’s electricity usage.

Kitchen Chimney Size In India

Kitchen Chimney power consumption

  • Chimney motor: most of the motors take 150 to 200 watts, depending on the suction power.
  • LED Lights: 25 to 50 watts * Depending on the number of lamps.
  • Auto Clean Features: 80 to 100 watts * when Auto Clean works. ( Not all chimneys have an auto-clean feature)

Note: wattage is approximate and will vary depending on the type of chimney motor, the power usage at your home, and other factors too.

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How to calculate the cost of using chimneys?

How do you calculate it? 

Calculation of cost is pretty simple, but a few variables need to be taken into account. The amount of time you cook each day, how many burners you have and at what power setting, and how often your chimney is on all determine how much electricity a chimney will consume each month.

In the below example of how chimney power consumption is measured –

Suppose, your electric chimney consumes, 150 watts and runs 5 hours daily


= 150 watts * 5 hours * 30 days in month / 1000 (1 watt equals 0.001 kilowatts)

= 22.5 kilowatts 

Consider, the average one-unit cost of electricity in India is 6 rupees.

= 22.5 * 6

= 135 Rs. only

Hence, the cost of using a kitchen chimney per month is 135 Rs. only

You must know the power consumption of all home appliances before having a chimney.

Kitchen Chimney power consumption per hour

It would be best if you remembered that the chimney consumes power when it operates.

This power consumption depends on the chimney motor watts and the time you use them. That is why the chimney power consumption varies roughly from hour to hour.

For example, a chimney that runs for an average of 5 hours a day consumes more power than one that runs for 3 hours a day.

It is essential to calculate your chimney power consumption per hour.

Example: how much electricity does a chimney use in an hour?

Suppose you have a chimney that consumes 150 watts of power and run for 5 hours a day. That is 5*150/24 (hours a day)=31.25 watts or 0.03125 kilowatts in total. If your one unit cost of electricity in your area is 5 rupees then, it will cost you 0.15 rupees an hour and 3.75 rupees per day.

It is important to note that chimney power consumption depends on the time you use the chimney.

Kitchen Chimney Power Consumption With Auto Clean – Analysis

The chimney power consumption depends upon the model and the features of the chimney.

A good quality electric chimney can consume electricity of 200 watts if all the parts of the chimney will be running simultaneously.

You can save over 50% to 60 % of your electricity if you turn off the auto-clean feature in the chimney.

if nobody is using it. On average, normal kitchen chimneys consume 100 to 150 Watts of power when they are running.

With an automatic cleaning option, your chimney can consume 200 watts to 250 watts of power throughout your heat cycle.

This level varies based on the model, time, and energy usage. Today, most manufacturers offer such an option in their best-quality chimney

Duct vs ductless Chimney: which one consumes more power?

One of your first decisions in planning your chimney is deciding whether you need a ducted system or a ductless system.

They have different advantages and disadvantages, but what’s best for you ultimately depends on how you’ll be using your fireplace. 

Many people who are looking to save energy opt for a ductless unit, but these can cost up to three times as much as an equivalent-capacity ducted unit. So it all comes down to how often you plan on firing up that fire.

kitchen chimney power consumption

Final Word: Kitchen Chimney Power Consumption

Since chimney power consumption is one of the most relevant factors that affect consumer electric bills, the sooner you start managing it, the better.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog and also gained good knowledge about chimney power consumption. If you like this guide, please share it with your friends and families too.

Have a good day!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many amps do a chimney use?

There are some kitchen chimneys that require 15 Amps, but most chimneys work on 5 Amps. Make sure your socket supports both amps.

2. What is the power of a chimney?

The suction power of a chimney is between 800 m3/hr and 1200 m3/hr. Suction power varies according to the size of the hood, usage, and the size of the kitchen as well.

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