Best Exhaust Fans In India

Best Exhaust Fans In India

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We will review and compare them based on their size, speed, and efficiency for removing smoke. Here we go!


Havells Ventil Air DB 230mm Exhaust Fan

The havells fan is completely made up of metal hence, it makes fan durable. Size of fan is 230 mm, ideal for modern kitchens. Air suction of this fan is very impressive. It also comes with bird guard to protect fins. 


Bajaj Bahar 300mm Exhaust Fan

The bajaj bahar fans body is very strong and have very bigger size 300 mm and sweep size of 225 mm, running at 1400 rpm. Energy consumption of this fan is low. 


USHA Striker High Speed Exhaust Fan (Black)

This usha exhaust fan has ultra air suction capacity to clean smoke easily from environment. The motor has ball bearing to reduce noise and jamming of rotar. It has duct size of 243 mm and fan sweep size of 200 mm.  


Anchor by Panasonic Smart Air 200mm Ventilation Fan

This extra-ordinary smart fan can be used in both kitchen and bathroom. It has thermal overload technology. The fan sweep size is 200 mm. The operation of this fan is noiseless and effective. 


Luminous Vento Deluxe 200 mm Exhaust Fan

The luminous venot fan is rust proof and dust protection shutters. And has strong air suction. The quality of motor is very good. It also used as bathroom and kitchen fan. The size of fan is 200 mm, enough for medium size kitchen.


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