Best  Food Storage Containers 

Best  Food Storage Containers 

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We have tested and compare some of the best kitchen jars in india and shortlisted Top 5 here.


Cello Checkers Plastic PET Canister Set, 18 Pieces, Clear

These plastic build containers have airtight seal and they are odourless and hygienic in nature. This container is food grade certified and found BPA free  in testing.


Milton Vitro Plastic Pet Storage Jar and Container, Set of 24

This milton plastic jar is available 4 different sizes and capacity. Quality of product is very good.  It is airtight container. And also it is BPA free and food grade certified.


TEX-RO Airtight Containers For Kitchen Storage Set of 8

In this 8 pieces premium quality containers, you can store food in airtight. With high quality material the life of jar is more than other jars. but the quantity you get in this price is less.


KitchMax Unbreakable Airtight Square Plastic Containers

The kitchenmax containers (12 pieces) are dishwasher safe product and very versatile to use. These jars are super airtight and leak proof. And big thing is you get 1100 ml huge volume to store anything. 


Amazon Brand - Solimo Plastic Storage Containers Set of 12 

These are the budget plastic containers with 250 ml storage volume but quality of product is not compromised with price. They are easily washable and last for long days.


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